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Last Updated 25-10-18

Groove Lounge NYE Special


The last NYE Groove lounge special.

Come join us for a great NYE value special night of top class swing music with some party tunes thrown in.

A few extras thrown in over and above the usual Groove Lounge nights but still the usual supply of award winning homemade cakes.



Price: only £12.50 per person

Tickets on sale NOW!!!!!!!!!



 For all you regulars, note the times of start & finish, plus, it's a Monday night!













The dates for 2018 Groove Lounges are as follows:

November 30th

December 21st

December 31st NYE special

Provisional 2019 dates:

January 18

Feb 15

Mar 29

April 26

May 31

June 28

July 26

Aug 30

Sept 20

Oct 18

Nov 29

Dec 27